When you decide that you wish to change the company which is hosting your websites, you'll need to migrate all the content to the servers of the new one, which might not be a simple task if you don't have a great deal of experience or you simply have no time to get it done. In case you have an HTML Internet site, it will not be tough to transfer it as the migration is merely re-uploading each of the files to your new account, but in case you have a script-driven website and you need to move a database, then link the website to it, and in addition you want to migrate mailboxes which you have set up for your domain, you may find the whole process aggravating. To make things easier for you if you decide to get an Internet hosting account from our firm, we offer Internet site migration as a complimentary service with all of our hosting plans, saving you the time, cash and work that you will otherwise need to spend to migrate the content yourself.

Assisted Website Migration in Website Hosting

You can make use of the migration service with any one of our website hosting services and in accordance with the particular plan you have selected, we can migrate a different number of sites. When your account is functioning and you receive the login details for it, you'll be able to contact us via a ticket and our knowledgeable tech support will transfer your websites provided they're currently hosted on a Linux web server. They will also extensively examine the sites to make sure that they are operating effectively before they let you know that you can change the name servers of your domains to point them to our cloud platform. The whole process typically does not take more than 24 to 48 hours dependant upon the number of sites and their size. The service is available regardless of the control panel that you currently use unless you have built your site via a closed site builder platform like Wix, Jimdo or Weebly. We can also transfer any sort of Internet site even if it's a custom-made one and not built with a well known platform like Joomla or WordPress.